April 14, 2024

How to contact robinhood immediately

Robinhood Customer Service

Robinhood Customer Service

You can contact a live support person by cellphone or chat. Get answers to everything from ways to transfer funds to Robinhood to requests with regard to cryptocurrency trading, using debit cards, and more.

How do I reach Robinhood help?


Robinhood most common form for interaction looks to be email. Users are asked to email report@robinhood.com if they have any difficulties with thefts or have any queries.

Questions concerning info can be sent to privacy@robinhood.com. Complaints on things on the app are also directed to email forms.

Below are the steps to get in contact with Robinhood Customer Service.

  • Choose Account (an individual icon).
  • Choose Menu (three bars) or Setting (tool symbol).
  • Choose Robinhood Support.
  • Pick Contact us 24/7.
  • Choose a subject that meets your query.
  • Choose Contact Us.
  • Choose whether you want to speak with the staff by chat or phone.
  • Enter any data you have about your question.
  • Choose Proceed (chat) or Proceed → Make a Call (phone).

The Web:

  • Choose Account.
  • Choose Help.
  • Select Reach us 24/7.
  • Choose the topic that meets your query.
  • Pick Contact Us.
  • Choose whether you want to speak with the staff by chat or phone.
  • Enter any information regarding your question.
  • Choose Next (chat) or Proceed → Make a Call (phone).

What happens when I arrange for a phone call?

We will be informing you when you are following in line for the call. We’ll give you with the telephone number we’re phoning in, so you determine it’s us. While having a clearly stated Contact Us area. It is difficult to locate a Robinhood consumer telephone number. All of our contact options direct to electronic mail accounts on the web page or email forms in the app.

Can I see my previous support chats?

Yes, you may access your support conversations through both the app or the website.


  • Log into your Profile (person icon).
  • Choose submenu .
  • Pick Robinhood Help → Your help chats Web
  • Go to Profile and select Support.
  • Pick the support you require Chats.

How Do I Contact Robinhood on Social Media?

Robinhood Customer Service can also contact using social media. Robinhood’s social networking channels includes an account on LinkedIn for responding on posts and a page on Facebook (@Robinhoodapp). The web page does not enable users to send out messages. But they can leave comments on postings. Customers have written comments about previous writes. Robinhood customer service has swiftly reacted with a suggestion that customers email directly for more help.

Twitter is another option for Robinhood’s internet accounts. Customers can reach the business using @AskRobinhood, @RobinhoodApp, or one of its founders, @vladtenev. Looking on the most recent posts and comments on those accounts. It is unclear whether they respond to customers. Twitter gives limited support on Twitter on its public Help page.

Robinhood also has a profile on Instagram (@robinhoodapp). However it does not allow messaging. It allows for expressing opinions on messages. But there appears to be no reaction from the corporation to the questions that are posted on Instagram.

For further.

Our Robinhood Service contact information. To contact a support person, but please use the app or the website. People can get details on How to Get the Robinhood Stock & Crypto Information.

For questions or complaints about Robinhood Cryptocurrency or Robinhood Cash. The customer service representatives on this brand will be unable to help with concerns relating to other Robinhood goods.

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